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Release Version 5.1

PHPSmartGrid Version 5.1

There are many improvements in this latest version. These improvements are:

1. Problems on the system date
Has made some improvements to the system calendar

2. The addition of features calendar
Calendar system is very helpful to know the schedule of the user. It looks similar to Microsoft Outlook calendar. The system is integrated with the MySQL database, so the data is dynamic. Thus, the system is more easily integrated with phpsmartgrid

3. The addition of graphics
Provides features integrated graphics with a MySQL database. With the features of the graph, the user can present the data analysis, which help managers in decision making. This chart has a variety of forms such as bar charts, pie charts, funnel charts, and many others. Will be improved based on user demand.

Release Version 5

PHPSmartGrid Version 5

Many of the improvements in version 5, and is more stable than previous versions. These improvements are:
1. Addition picker calender system that can support hours and minutes
2. The addition of autocomplete module. This feature is very good from the dropdown. Therefore, the system is lighter because not all the data displayed
3. Grouping feature additions
4. There are many improvements in the library file


About PHPSmartGrid

PHPSmartGrid is a framework that facilitates and accelerates the application development process. The system generates a CRUD application (Create, Read, Update and Delete) are supported by the open source libraries, such as JQuery Grid Plugin, CKEditor, JQuery and many more.

Features available on this PHPSmartGrid are:
1. Sort by multiple columns
2. Toolbar searching with possibility to select different search operations
3. Column grouping with summary
4. multiple datagrids
5. Auto Paging